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Build You Own Ways For Everything

Build You Own Ways For Everything

In this world full of technology and growth it’s not that simple to stay focused on deep in your work. If you have the skill of deep work and you can focus on your work without getting distracted then you are on the perfect path.

Technology, people, the environment is quite very distracting these days. Everything is almost connected now. I can say, everything is connected to the internet.


There are so many influencers and leaders out there. You are getting inspired by them. Following them. Comparing your lives with them.


While being in this race of being an influencer of being a follower you might get confused a lot of time while choosing the path. Which path am I talking about?

Not a career path or anything. A simple but most important one. Life path.

There are two ways to live out your life. One by being peaceful and staying calm. Accepting whatever you are getting. Path of silence and humbleness. Another path of being in the moment and enjoying it fully. Partying. Because you think you don’t know what’s ahead. So live it out right now.

There is two way to get with life. Being aggressive or being calm.

Umm, it’s like. Do you want to be like a traveler roaming all around the world? Enjoying every moment out of your life or you want to be a person who is more focused on the business, job, corporate stuff and all.

There are so many people doing both of them. There are so many people are happy doing that.

There are a lot.

But while following them, you might get confused. Which one is for you?

Which one is for you?

The most common mistake you may make is, choosing the one by seeing another person. You might get impressed by the fame or the respect one is getting after achieving some success in the industry. You might get impressed by watching a vlog by a YouTuber.

You might change your position and pump up to do the same as they are doing.

This is what you have to avoid.

Stop following others. Start admiring others for what they are doing. Observe what they are doing. Learn from them.

You have to look for yourself as you are not what how they are. Stop comparing yourself with them.

You can choose both!

Yes, you can choose both ways of being an open guy and a secret guy too based on the situations and all.

It’s your life dude. YOu have to figure out your own ways to live.

Stop asking for suggestions from others. Your journey is exactly the opposite of theirs.

Stop and observe yourself for seconds.

Meet yourself somewhere and have a talk with yourself.

Make your own rules. Make your own ways to live out your life fully.

Go get it.

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