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Celebrations In Quarantine

This is not going to be the longer and post like all do here on this site.


It is really not easy to write something positive or good enough when you are not that good inside your mind viz.


Right now, I would like to share this.


Today is what I am calling the 3 years to kipsmiling.


3 years back I started this website.


This is when my whole journey to the internet world is started.


Expected a lot with this and have got more than what I expected too.


But in a way, I made a mistake to forget some basics.


We become lazy when we feel secure.


Recall that tagline of One Plus Mobile Company – Never Settle.


That is true. Because when you do settle, you chase for the comfort zones and you become lazy.


In this 3 years of journey, I have learnt a lot lot lessons.

Have gone through so many situations.


Also, I would have knows much more, I would have did much more. I would have experienced much more than this, if I would have never been the lazy I am now.


The same day 3 years back, I can still feel the energy that I had.


That was ultimate.


I was chasing for something curiously.

My intentions were to learn .


When you connect something with learning, that changes the meaning of learning itself.



In the last month or so I have got this realisation a lot by the incidents happening around me.


That life is super simple. We have made it complex. And the hard thing is making it again simple.


When you look at things from very basic point, you love it and you move forward to try it.


When you analyse them in detail, you either think it is easy and do it without any fear in your mind.

Else you think it’s hard and you hesitate to try it.


That is why you shouldn’t be worried and analyse much more about how it is going to be, instead just go ahead and do it.


That’s the ultimate goal.


Consistency is the key.

Discipline is the master.


Everything is already super simple.

Don’t make it much more complicated.


Wish you the best.


Hope will bring you something great this year.


Thanks 🙂