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We are always been asked to get out of our comfort zone if you have to achieve anything great in life. Also even in your daily life too.

Procrastinating to wake up early in the morning [Especially in winters], procrastination for going to a gym or running in the morning.

You hate waking up early. You love to hit that snooze button which rings every morning bcz every day you decide that next day you are going to make it happen.

In the morning when alarm rings, you get two options of getting out for exercise or to stay in your bed. 90% of people choose to stay in bed. That’s your comfort zone.

This is not the only comfort zone. This is one of the most common comfort zones if everyone.

Every other thing like sleeping in a day, resting too much, playing PUBG on your mobile whole day, and whatnot.

Doing nothing which brings some challenges or some new things in your routine is a sign of Comfort Zone.

If you are getting whatever you want easily then you are in Comfort Zone.

If you don’t care much about what’s next or what to do ahead in your like [firstly I would like to say those two words in your ears and then] you are a crap mate.

Sooner or later you are gonna regret. I hope it happens as soon as it can, that might grab some change in your life.

You are going to miss out on some of the serious shit in your life if you are also doing that.

I’ll explain this in detail ahead. You will need to bring some foundations into consideration before going ahead.

I will help you with that.

Why we seek comfort zone?

If I have to answer this question in one sentence, then I will say

because it is easy.

Think! Isn’t it?

Yes, it is.

It is an easier option for you to stay in a bed than getting up for exercise.

It is an easier option for you to play games for hours than to work on developing any skill.

It is easier to hang out with your friends than to find some clients or connections to work with.

In a run, you are always trying to choose an easy way without so many directions. The issue with this way is, you are not going to explore your journey. When you will reach the destination you will not have stories to tell. You will not have any pathway to define how you came up at the destination.

You will start looking for a kick in destination now. But everything was on a journey.

The only thing you needed was to look for it.

Wake up and leave your comfort zone

Comfort Zone is the best place to chill. That is why so many people are trapped in it.

But chilling isn’t good always.

There are some reasons why people don’t get out of their comfort zone.

  • They have a fear of losing out
  • Their friends are also in Comfort Zone
  • Comfort Zone gives your dopamine to bring temp happiness
  • It helps you to look cool in front of everyone
  • It is easy
  • Everyone wants that – that is why you show them that you have it
  • You don’t have a value of what you have
  • You don’t know the struggle behind the scenes of actual life

If you are in a comfort zone, you have not tasted the shit in your life yet. Somehow sooner or later life is going to give you that.

There is no logical reason to seek a comfort zone.

You are just faking yourself with that thing. Start observing it and you will start knowing how deep down you are.

Why Comfort Zone is good?

Actually, in any sense this is not good but yet here are some points which describe why everyone chases their comfort zone.

No pressure at all

You will be in a comfort zone only when you have no pressure. I mean there are still so many cases with people that they fall in their comfort zone even with so much pressure.

That’s a different case.

If you are not worrying about your work, your family or anything then there are so many chances that you will end up being in a comfort zone most of the time.

If you are in a comfort zone that means you are worried about what things are going on in your life.

It can help you

Yeah! it can help you out if you are serious about it.

When you are in a comfort zone, you have so much time to THINK.

Most of us don’t even think.

You can help yourself by thinking if you are really serious about it. Later on, you definitely have to leave your comfort zone obviously.

I really don’t want to talk about the good sides of Comfort Zone because most of them are senseless.

I will move to some bad sides of the disadvantages you can say of the comfort zone and later on I will share something you should do for this.

Comfort Zone is dangerous

Now the most important part of this piece.

There is a long list of the bad things or harm you will cause because of the comfort zone.

If you think logically about your comfort zone it is a place where you are wasting your time doing nothing productive at all.

This is it. If you have to go real. But people don’t want to hear the truth. They want to hear something that may give them joy. Even if it is fake. That’s it.

Your Productivity

The comfort zone will totally hack your productivity. Be in a comfort zone for a week and you are going to lose out productivity for a month least.

You are not going to perform well at whatever you are doing.

That eventually is going to make things happen exactly not according to how you want it.

Later on, you are going to lose out on the motivation and all the energy you had.

These all motivational videos and all doesn’t really work. It is just another garbage on the internet that sells you the motivational porn.

You are spending your time there. You spending your attention. That’s what those videos are made for. To grab your attention [bcz you are free enough to watch those videos which don’t really make sense to your real life.]

You are being sold.


As you are not going to get things falling in the place you want. You will become frustrated so many times.

You will start giving excuses and blaming others. This way you are going to start making chaos in your relationships too.

This is how things get to start turning bad.

There are so many things ahead of this. You can imagine.

It’s just a waste of your time. Later on, you are going to regret it. Nothing else.

You are already listening and seeing the examples of this around you. You are just ignoring it.

But you can’t for a long time.

You will need to act sometime.

Else do whatever the **** you want.

What to do?

The only thing I can help you out with!

I can just tell you some ways. Else all other things are depending upon how serious you are to make it happen.

The comfort zone has a limited time.

You are not going to stay their forever.

Either work now and save that time for later or spend all the time in your comfort zone to work your ass off whole life.

You will start realizing all things when you will be teased by life. Till then you are good to go and club.

Things aren’t going to change unless you leave that comfort zone.

Here I am sharing some parts of my story where my comfort zone mattered a lot.

When I was starting out with blogging and all these things. I had nothing to work properly on like a laptop or sitting chair and all those things.

I used to work while standing for hours and hours.

Those were the days when I had no enough equipment to work on. Yet, I used to work 15-17 hours a day. I used to feel the happiest when I worked the most.

Later on with some success and upwards in my graph.

I started landing in a comfort zone which resulted in a decrease in the work time and spending more time on useless shit.

With time, everything from my side started falling off.

The only reason behind my lack in my productivity and frustration was my comfort zone.

I started being relaxed and dependent on my partners for work and that resulted in me the downwards graph.

This is exactly what happens to everyone.

The only thing that can help me get out of this lack of productivity and frustration is me throwing myself out of comfort zone.

Put your body out of your comfort zone. Stop being in the same routine every day.

Start doing new things. Stop being a machine and act like a human.

Tackle with your self. Get out of your bed even if it is not that easy for you.

Kick your ass off.

Take challenges for yourself to stay away from the things that are taking your control. Stay away from your games, masturbation, porn, Instagram, social media, Netflix, whatever it is.

Stop the things that are cutting off your time. Work on them.

Cut them out for some days.

Feel the change after a few days. Start enjoying the pain of your efforts.

You will feel happiest when you will work hardest.

Do workout.

Start reading books. Start learning about new things.

Stop wasting time for even a second. Count each and every moment counts.

Stop being still like a guy/girl with an empty mind.

Whatever it is do it.

Start looking for new things. Start taking action to complete your previous things.

Wrap Up

Comfort Zone is seriously going to kill you. Start thinking about it and work on it. Start thinking for yourself.

Have some guts and leave it behind.

You will need to work on it, sooner or later.

Wish is yours.

All I can say is:

Just start.