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Do We Deserve Living?

Do we deserve living?

A few days back I was helping myself believe that there are more good people in this world than the bad ones. That is the reason why everything is not the worst around us.

That is the reason why everything around us is a bit better than what the worst can happen.

I was putting this thing forcefully in my mind that the world is a better place.

Now, in the middle of all this chaos of the world. All the bloody things happening in the world.

From the racism of the black people in America to war planning news from china.

From the corona cases in the world to people dying out of hunger.

From the cyclones and floods to the riots and scams in the world.

Any whatnot.

And again I heard about this incident today.

The elephant incident in Kerala, India.

TBH, I am feeling broken.

I really am.

This time it is really hard for me to convince myself that the world is the better place.

Those people who are doing this, who are spreading this hate are amongst us. They have the same face as we have.

This is the hard truth that those killers are amongst us.[I would say, we are the ones only – individuals – everyone] 

I don’t know how much more good people there are and how much there are bad people there.

But, bad things influence MORE. Lot more.

All I am seeing is people putting things on social media. Putting how bad they are feeling in the stories, putting out the black photos.

We are really locked. Yes, we are.

People are putting those stories and moving on with the next ones. One story is of how bad they are feeling and the next story is how hard they are missing a drink with their friend.

News channels are showing the stuff that might make money. Ads and all.

I really want to say this to you. 


I can’t digest this.

But, I can’t come to the end here.

All I know for now is.

We don’t deserve this.