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Everything is Stopped

Everything is stopped

We call it a busy world.

Right now. I am in the window of my house. Hearing a loud silence from the streets of the city.

Yes, this silence is loud that it is screaming me that, ”this is unfair”

Now I am thinking about it. Is it really unfair?


The whole world. Yes, the whole world is stopped right now. Everyone is.

The most valuable asset TIME.

It is the only thing that is running up continuously.

Streets in my city (Navi Mumbai) which used to be crowded even at midnight or whatever the time it is.

There are so many questions in everyone’s head. There are so many new stories being produced. Most of them will be similar this time.

This is the time when you are seeing the whole world is together. This the war of the humans (Smartest and the most powerful animals on the planet)

Yet we are on the other side of the wall. The wall seems more struggling and suffering.

This is the very first time happened ever in the history of the planet that humans are thinking about survival. It used to happen only in the movies and stuff, we used to enjoy watching it.

Right now, we do have smart people as well some dumb ass ones all. I hope that smart ones must outnumber dumb ones as it will cause only death if it does not.

I know, this content is not picking up anything perfectly.

I am trying to write on this topic since last more than 3 – 5 days.

Right now, I am just putting down whatever is coming into my mind. Hopefully, I will edit this one more specifically to provide the best content here.

I don’t know if anyone is going to read this or not but I wish you the health and please stay at home and stay safe.

Everything is going to be fine.