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First Sale


It took exactly 6 months since I started (12th March) this.

Yeah! If you compare it with other products, then it took a little longer, but there are reasons for it.

Also, this first sale is not something that came up with the strategy, and from now on we are gonna see the same. We will see it but the part, umm! I will explain ahead.

So, the product that we are building is actually much more complex than we thought it would be at the beginning. There are so many things that are not as we planned, there are so many things we need to try out, and yet there are so many things still remaining as well.

The product (in the backend is super complex) but the output that we are going to get is something that is gonna blow up some people.

So, the part is there are some design things left on the front end, and we are fixing the issue that we are on right now.

Anyways, the point is – that we have not even started marketing the product.


We got the first sale on SubtitleO.

Yet, we have got some inquiries and we just got the sale as well.

That’s a big win. VALIDATION.

That’s the reason why it is a good thing happened.

It gives me the validation that, yes! I am on the right path.

That’s why it’s so important.

Marching towards the bigger picture now. Hoping to get more done asap.

Here we goooo!