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Read This Before Advicing Anyone


In my daily routine and various work-related things, I come across so many different kinds of people. Sometimes I see new kind of personalities which makes me more interested in knowing them. But most of the time, I end up meeting people or boys of the same thinking/mentality.

Being an internet marketer and learner, I know various opportunities and things that are there in the real world.

I know there is a lot of goldmines to dig, but yet people are chasing each other in the rat race.

For some people, I think I can help them make their lives better.

That is the reason why I end up talking with them, asking them how everything is going on and at last try to help them figure out some things.

At the start, after hearing really high numbers and things in my field everyone gets pumped up.

The very first thing I do is remove the upper limit of everyone’s mind. That this world doesn’t have any limit. You can get or grab as much as you want or more than you can think of.

Which is TRUE!

Eventually, most of them will start asking you how it’s done and all the stuff.

Some of them will start being on track too.

They will continue that path for few days (Maybe a few months in some cases)

But the sad thing is almost 99% of them are going to end up quitting in a few months.

The reasons might be:

  1. They didn’t get any results
  2. They don’t trust this process [bcz whole society is not doing it!]

They have already settled in their minds that the things that are working are done by society. If everyone is not doing it then that is not that real.

The reason behind these things is the mindset.

They don’t think.

These are the people who blame every other person, society, government, situations for the causes.

Most of the people think that working is somewhere losing or removing the enjoying part of life.

That’s the biggest myth, misunderstanding, or bad thinking that almost everyone who has not actually done it is going through.

Most people are putting in effort or doing things based on others’ opinions, experiences, advice.

But the real thing is, that advice, opinion is not for you.

That is for themselves only.

You have to look for your own opinions bases on your own experiences which your own good advice.

People don’t have things to look for or to enjoy for that is why they recall memories to enjoy.

If you are one of them, YOU SUCK!

Stop living in the past and start making your present moment worthy.

You have to figure out your own lives based on your interests.

Make it as you can create multiple moments every year, every month, every day, every hour, every minute, every second and of course every moment.

Live it doesn’t hurry in the race to save it to recall for another time.

You don’t need to keep yourself calm. Do whatever you have to do.

Just stop being a man who is doing nothing just recalling old memories.

Make yourself happy. It’s not about any other person than you.

It’s all about yourself.

Go make it.

[P.S: Maybe I went a bit off-topic but the main intention behind this whole thing was to tell everyone that, if you are going to give advice to anyone then it is not going to matter in any way. The person who is listening to taking advice needs to be serious, and think about the advice. Stop expecting the results based on the advice that you have given to anyone! They are going to do whatever they want to! Let them do! That’s what they should do! But the reality is a bit different. You have to see through your own perspective.]