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How To Be Happy All The Time


I have not published any articles for a long time. (1 week ;)) Actually, I was searching for the Topic to write an article. Then after a long time, I have decided to write on “How To Be Happy All The Time?” And I will try to make it worthy.

The day before Yesterday, (29th Aug 2017) If you have watched the news you might know that there was heavy rain in Mumbai which results in Mumbai-Band OR Traffic-Jam.

You might have seen those scenes and the terrible condition of all the people from your home on TV. And incidentally, I was one of them.

Yeah! I have seen those terrific scenes by my naked eyes. (Reason: Ganapati Darshan)

You might think that this scenario is out of the topic. But, even in this situation, I made myself strong and happy. I enjoyed every moment.

Um, lets come to the point and know How To Be Happy All The Time?

How To Be Happy All The Time?

Before knowing How we can be happy all the time, you have to understand this:

First of all, you have to know how to be happy NOW. Because this NOW will not go anywhere even after months or after years. This NOW will always stay in your life. So you must have to understand that, if you have to know Have To be happy all the time, then you have to know how to be happy NOW first.

I hope this cleared. Now let’s know what we should.

How To Be Happy Right Now?

You must have heard this,

“If You Really Desire Something From The Heart … Then The Whole Universe Will Work Towards Getting You That”

(Kehte Hain agar Kisi cheez Ko Dil Se chaaho … Toh Puri Kaaynaat Use Tumse Milane Ki koshish mein lag jaati Hai)

This is the Dialogue from Movie. But have you ever thought about it? The deep meaning behind it?

This is How You Can Be Happy.

Let Me Explain…

What is the biggest aim in life? Which is that biggest thing you can’t afford to lose? For which you all are doing your daily schedule.


Yeah, if you are alive you can do whatever you want, whatever you wish to be. This is simple logic that, ‘if you have to do anything you have to stay alive.’

I think this does not need more explanation.

So just try to list out the number of things which are working fine for your biggest aim and the things which are not.

You will be shocked after knowing that, 99.999….99% of the surrounding things are working perfectly only for YOU. And somewhere 0.000….01% are working wrong.


Read that dialogue again.

Just think about how things are perfectly working for you. What will happen if the earth and all planets in the solar system stopped rotating? What if they stopped working as they are for a long time?

No one will be there to complain about it.

Do you think whatever your problem is, is it really big?

If somehow yes, boss I can’t help you. You should try to contact God.

Definitely, it can’t be bigger than this. So, just think again. Is your problem really big, that you can’t get off it?

Get up! The whole universe is there to make your life’s most important goal. Just try to push yourself ahead. Everything is going perfectly. Whatsoever is remained is by only you.

You have to wake up. You are not ready yet. So start taking action. Live each and every moment of your life. Make every moment precious. Smile at the situation.

Because you are alive and alive is awesome.

You can do it, cause you are alive.

You will get there soon, cause you are alive.

Things will happen, cause you are alive.

Cause You Are ALIVE.

This is the BEST reason to smile

Yeah! You are alive. This is the best reason to smile. If you are thinking in this way, just remember every hard situation in your life will become easy. So just Chill, be cool and have a smile.

If you are from the office, still it’s not a big deal. If you lost your business, no worries. Whatsoever reason may be.

You have the reason to smile all the time.

Chill out. Things will arrange perfectly. Keep going. Let it be. Just KipSmiling.

Hope you liked it.