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Heal yourself

Heal yourself! People often use the expression “heal yourself” to mean that something is wrong with them and they should solve it alone, i.e., without help from others. However, we know there’s much more to healing than just health concerns–and we all need support and encouragement as we learn and grow in this world.

We often get downs in our life due to relationships and workloads and whatnot. It’s a part of life and there is no escape from it. After all that you sow, that you will reap.

And guess what? We often end up with more than we had bargained for.

People say that the only person who can help you to heal yourself is you. All those meditation techniques and yoga asanas and breathing exercises and music therapy and health supplements, apparently won’t work unless we make a conscious effort towards it. But Let me tell you something: they don’t know what they are talking about.