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How To Tackle Fear

How To Tackle Fear

Hello everyone, I am talking about fear.
Fear of failure, fear of doing something, fear of judgments, and fear of everything
This fear is something that is stopping you from taking actions stopping you from making things happen and also results in procrastination and ends up with regret of doing nothing.
So, here is a simple way to tackle your fear.
Start facing it.

Yeah, this is the only BEST way to tackle your fear. Face it!
If you are worried about starting a startup, start it!

The Best way to learn anything is by doing it. If you want to know how to run a company, start a company.

Stop giving excuses to yourself and start taking actions to overcome your fear.
Failing can teach you a lot of things, but not doing anything will not.

You’ve already heard this lot of time.
Stop whatever shitty excuses you are giving and face the FEAR.

Later on, you will love that decision.