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How to win in a life

It’s the trend of new year resolutions and goals going on everywhere. Even you might be planning how you are going to spend this 2020 and make it the best one than the previous one.

That’s really a good thing that you are planning it.

You might be aiming for good health by joining a gym or promising regular daily workout.

You might be aiming to expand your business to new cities or countries.

You might be aiming to raise in your income at the end or something financially good.

I am not targetting you but, 90% of you guys are going to fail.

You guys are not going to stick to your plans. That’s the sad thing.

The year is changed but you are not.

You have not upgraded yourself yet to set for a big thing and stop procrastinating like you did a whole year in 2019. Till 2019.

How You Set Goals?

There’s a common mistake and everyone makes while setting up goals. The goals I have listed above.

You guys might have similar goals like which I have mentioned above.

If you have set goals like those, you are really making a mistake.

You have set goals on your outcome. You have set goals of what you want and not on what you have to do for it.

Do you really know that that is going to happen in that way?

The outcome is impossible to predict.

You are not going to see the same outcome that you have thought of. You are going to see it indifferently.

It might be better than what you have thought of or it might also be worst than what you have thought of.

Anything can happen.

You know it.

Why are you trading even if you know it?

I am not saying you should not make goals and plans.

You must make plans. But correct plans and correct goals.

You don’t have to focus on what you will get and what you want to achieve.

Start focusing much more on how much you have to put in it.

You will start getting results.

You will have to make goals of how much time you are going to spend on work. How much time extra you are going to put for a specific task.

You have to make a plan of what input you are going to make not an output.

Next time when you will make a goal or any plan. Keep this in your mind to focus on what you can do.

If you have already created your list. Go check it. Audit it.

If you think, there’s anything wrong.

Make changes in it.

And create a perfect goals list totally based on how much effort you are going to put in.

Start beating those things and everything else will fall in the right place for sure.

How to win?

Here’s the most important part of this content.

How to win a year? How to win in your whole life?

Here is the way.

Stop trying to win in a year and start winning the days.


In order to win a year, you will have to win days.

Stop looking in a big picture of yourself after a year or 5 years.

Fuck that shit.

That’s really bullshit if you are not putting in efforts every single day.

Start winning the day. Even if you won 70% of the days in a whole year, that year is going to be one of the best years of your whole life.

You have to start living this way if you really gave to win in the long term also.

After putting so many efforts every single day you will see yourself totally different after a year or two.

You will be a different person by mind and intellect.

You will be the upgraded version of yourself. Which is needed if you have to WIN!

So, if you are really serious about winning in your life. Start living for days. Start winning your days.

If one day goes to the end. Don’t rest. Prepare for the next day. Make it better than the previous one.

Go get that day. It is all yours.

Win every single day and you will win life.

Thank you so much for reading this. If you think my content has helped you anyhow, do let me know in the comment section below. I would love to connect with you.