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Is it really hard?

Is it really hard?

Whenever we are looking forward to doing something, we keep one benchmark set for the things that we are going to do.

We expect how the end result will be or at least we expect how the response will be.

There isn’t any wrong in setting up goals.

But – are we really setting our goals properly?

If saw, most of our goals are – result/output-oriented.

Goals of – getting something out of it.

We make goals of the things that aren’t in control of us.

I’ve already been hearing this thing for very long.

Yet it is IDK why becoming hard even for me to grasp it.

The thing is: we should set goals of what we should do and stuff like that.

In the process

We always try to compare our stuff with others most probably with those who are above us. That is the thing which makes us crippled.

We don’t just go for it and keep doing it.

Trying MORE TIMES is the answer for almost all of your answers.

If you want to know whether you are on the right track or not – try is more times

You’ll eventually get an answer.

Stop being afraid of failing (the one of the hardest but most important thing which everyone MUST learn in order to put bugs steps ahead)

Stop comparing your stuff with others. Especially with those who are above you.

Just stop.

It won’t affect at all for them. They’ll not care about it at all.


It will affect you hardcore.

The only answer is: try it more times

Stop making things harder for yourself.

I’ve seen people making more with less skills and less stuff – just by doing it more times.

Create your own luck to make yourself available over there with more shots.