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It is easier for you to take risk when you have backups

Just like every other post I have started writing this post here. I hope this time, I will make some sense and will come at some kind of conclusion at the end.

This post is going to be documentation of the mistake that I have made recently. I hope this will help me and as well for someone who is reading this out if there’s anyone.


This is the time of worldwide crisis. It is easier for everyone to give an excuse not to work. Not to work on the things they have been regularly doing.


There are so many people out there who have lost their jobs because of this. There are so many who aren’t able to manage food to eat either.


It is easier for those who have something in the backend. It is easier for them who have more than what they basically need.


There are people who are going to tell you to stay home and not to worry about anything. But the situation is not the same at every perspective. 


They have already got everything they want. They have whatever they need to survive even for the next few months or maybe years too.

But on the other side, there are some people who are struggling to get the food for the night dinner.


Why am I talking about this?


This is what comes when you become broke. Yes. This is how pictures come in your mind when you have just lost something super valuable you were doing or working on it.


You can feel grateful for the things you have. You can try to think about what you are getting and others aren’t getting.


This is the story of the moving world which doesn’t stop.


Everything is temporary in life. – This is the most common thought you think when something like being broke happens.


Why do we become broke?


Because of no planning at all.


The people who have savings of money, food, and groceries are the safest on the earth today. They don’t need to go out to strive for the meal in these conditions.


Why? At least they thought and planned for the upcoming month. They might end up losing this thing if this situation continues to stay the same for more than 2 months.


Even I do planning the very start of anything. But fail to continue doing it. That is the thing which sucks. That drops me down from the plane before landing.


I was watching some of the lectures on time management and all the stuff on the internet yesterday. Suddenly, one thing popped up in my mind, ‘Is it really necessary to strictly follow the clock? Can’t we be the free guy and do whatever we want whenever we want?’


I think I have got the answer to it now. The answer is: It is better to be the slave to the time according to yourself than being slaves to the other persons doing their work.


Yes, you might not cover me up here. But you will when you will feel how important it is to be disciplined and complete our own work.


Perfect reason?


There is a very simple thing we ignore.


To achieve anything we want, everything is super simple. We make it complicated in our heads.


There are very basic things you have to do if you have to achieve anything you want in your life.


Here are the things you are going to need:

  • Thinking [Most of us don’t even think about the problems or anything we want]

  • Research [We need very basic research about it! Just what, how, etc]

  • Planning [You have to plan out how you are going to do it]

  • Execution [This is where most of us fail. We plan a lot but when it comes to the execution it is hard for us to make it happen.]

  • Consistency [This is the thing that helps you from making something small to scale it for the bigger project.]





Thinking, Research, Planning, Execution, and Consistency. These are the only things that come into your life.


This all things come under one word: DISCIPLINE


As Gary vee says, the Best way to get anything is by doing it.



Is it hard?


We have been seeing people craving for fame and leaderboard stuff. It is fed deeply into our minds. Cultivated inside our minds. What we think is, if some professional guy which perfect English accent and premium stuff are doing it then it is definitely the hard thing to.


Even if we are going to get there first and then only we can make it like him.


If you see any normal guy whose English isn’t that good making some great bucks, then your mind says, how can this guy make this? Definitely he is doing some kind of hack.






We have already cultivated this thing in our mind. If the person is good and professional enough then he can do it. But it is harder for us. As we haven’t reached there yet.


This is why I am saying, everything around you is an illusion.


The things are really simple, you are the one who has made it quite complicated.


They are the humans you are a human.


If they can, you definitely can.


Back to the basics!


We have literally stopped looking at the basics. If you have to learn python you don’t have to look around for the courses from different sources. It is not like: the more courses you are going to watch the more hardcore koder you are going to become.


If you are learning python, the best way to learn it is by learning basics from the internet which are available for free and then work on it.


Take different projects and work on them. Learn with the process and not with the courses.


We have already made things super complicated. 


Things are very easy at the basics.


I am a blogger. Yeah, it’s been more than 3 years now. Yet I suck at it.


The basic thing about blogging is. What is blogging? The blog site where one posts content regularly based on certain topics. It is the weblog of the content.


Blogging is basically all about CONTENT. That is the thing you have to focus on


Yet there are so many things which are valued more than this. People are trying to make it happen using very little content and very different tactics.


It can, but if you are doing it, please don’t make it complicated.


Things are easier when you have the backup


Now here is the main topic on which I thought to write about. I think I have written this piece much better than the previous ones.


I know there so many flaws in this too, yet better than some previous ones.


We often think about learning new things. It is the time when you might feel like you need it, or it is better or whatever the reason it is.


If you are broke that is the time you need it much but it is not the best time.


That is the best time for you to take risks. Actually every time is best for the risks as you should always do it. But it becomes mental support for yourself when things are in your control.


Are you getting what I am saying? When you go broke, you feel like I should have had this skill so this would have been easier for me.


And stuff like that.


But you will not be able to make it happen easily. You can make it, but it is going to be a bit harder for you as you will be suffering mentally.


If you are doing well in your business, job or whatever you are doing. That is the only time when you have to prepare yourself for the worst times and learn new things.


This is what successful people do.


They don’t go for the parties when they have achieved something. They focus on enhancing their skills to nurture it and stop killing that in the long run.


They are well prepared for bigger problems. They are slicing their skills to become better.


This is what you should do in your good times to make it worthy to live in bad ones.


This is also the mistake I made.


I was resting a lot, I was playing games and stuff. I was just looking and doing enough work that needed to be done. Which is only important.


But this is not how things work.


You end up falling in the trap of movies, series, porn, addiction and much more if you are not moving yourself out.


This is killing yourself.


Nobody is going to care for you if you aren’t making it happen.


If you want that fame and attention then you will need to work for it.

That is the only way.


Prepare yourself for the worst times, you will not regret this.


Be the best version of yourself.



I am at the end of this note. I can write on this as long as I want. But this should be stopped as I should be working on it.


This is what I want to tell myself. You do understand it, you will get help from it.

Do it for yourself.



Suraj Kadam