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Little Things

Little Things

Little things keep bothering you.

You texted them a couple of days ago, and they still haven’t replied. how could they be so busy that they didn’t find time to write one text message, you ask regret little things.

Last week when you were in a bad mood, you yelled at your friend. you regretted it, almost instantly. you wanted to take back those words but what’s done is done. you apologized later, but it kept bothering you for can’t let go of the little things.

The first gift that she gave you, or old photos of you with your friends. or that gift from your ex that is still kept deep inside your cupboard. it barely matters how much space it takes, you just can’t let it go.

Now when you look back, these are the little things that make you happy or sad. the memory of your first day at college, the memory of the last family dinner.

These little things take up that space in your memory which can’t be replaced. and you end up caring about these memories more than anything.

Little things take up the most space in your heart because they add up to make one huge chunk of memory that you deeply care about.

The chunk of memory which makes you, you. and it barely matters where you go in life, there are certain things you can never let go of.

Certain little things will always stay with you like the birthdate of your first love, the first trip that you went on with your friends, the day when you were left heartbroken for the first time.

These memories, these small moments; they take up the most space in your heart because of one simple reason: it’s because they matter the most to you.