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You Live For Moments, Not For Memories

You Live For Moments, Not For Memories

It is the constant battle of ups and downs

I was also one of those who wished to make my future stable. Why stable future? So that I will worry less about the work and focus on my to do list of life.

Kept so much of places, memories, moments planned to execute as I reach the illusional point in my life – Stable life.

In the constant battle of life with all the planning, some short memories, some hardships and lot of things, I realized that – it was not anything separate out of it.

It was all within.

All those unplanned trips, memories were the decisions of my own. All those were one of the fastest decisions I have taken in my life. Without giving it a lot of thought.

Because, my subconscious mind knew that, those are the things I am seeking for.

Those are the only things I have enjoyed and have remained with me till now.

We plan big things just because to leave our current zone virtually

You too might have planned few goa trips or vacations in Bali as well. Why? Because you want to rescue. You are planning things which are ahead of a month or two.

You are planning those trips and things.

Now you got the things for two months. To think and wait for those vacations/trips.

You are super excited for this trip and all set to take off.

You are going to wait for it. You will go to that trip and enjoy a lot over there.

After those all crazy trips you will collect all those memories and will put those in your album of memories to share and use in your downtime. You will recall all those memories when you will feel low or sad.

To be honest.

There’s nothing wrong in it


Everyone does this. Everyone loves doing this.

Let me tell you a secret that I have noticed.

You are never going to miss those days of your trips.


You are going to miss some crazy sweet memories out of it. Most of the memories were the unexpected and unplanned ones.

All the trip you enjoyed and spend there. But nothing was exactly how you planned it. It can’t be.

Before going to that trip, you were not enjoying the plan that you are making for you vacations. It was that excitement and joy within you which was memorable.

Even after the vacations. You are not going to miss the each and everything of your journey.

You will miss that beautiful girls starring at you on the beach, but you missed the chance.

You will miss the sunset that you enjoyed with your girlfriends on the beach.

You will miss those moments where you were not able to talk in other language to the locals perfectly.

You will miss the boring story sharing when your whole crew was together.

You will miss those all the beautiful moments in it.

Live for those moments

This is how you have to deal with it. First understand exactly what are those things.

Again, I am not saying that you don’t need to visit places and stuff like that. You MUST explore the stunning beauty of our planets.

Find the moments that you love not the occasions or the things.

Your life is not all about the ups only.

Sometimes some bad things also make us happy and they stay with us being a sweet memory as well.

Yes, that could also happen.

Enjoy those moments and you will be grateful about your life. Stop relying on the specific place, person, thing for happiness.

Happiness is within you. You will need to explore this.

Sadness is also there inside

With happiness there is also some sadness alongside within you. You already have experienced it.

The only wrong thing happening here is:

You are valuing sadness more than your happiness.

You are giving more points to your sadness than your happiness.

If you get 10 happy moments and 1 sad, yet you are going to be worried about that.

This is where you and me lack.

This is where we fool ourselves. We don’t even count the simple math. We just go all in giving overrating the sadness.

As I said,

There are moments in your sadness as well which stays with you. Some stays with you for forever.

Add some twist in your life. Combine all those sad and happy moments and make suspenseful movie of yourselves.

Not shitting out those cliché things but yet, that’s the thing.

The very simple truth that you have to understand by whole these things are: You are not going to be happy all the time. There are ALWAYS going to be ups and downs in your life until you DIE.

Start collecting as much secrets as you can when you are young and spend your old age exposing them all.
– Suraj Kadam

That’s all for now.