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One Year Of Experience | What I was? and What I am?

One Year Experience


It has been already begun…  Thank you so much, everyone, for everything. I am writing this post only because of you. This article is not going to be specified on a specific topic but it’s on a special moment. It is the day (28th March) when I started with this all this. I had started KipSmiling one year ago this day. Yeah, it’s Blog Anniversary. That’s why this post is just to share all my experiences with you. Cause, it has literally changed my life. One year Of Experience | What I was? and What I am?

Let’s touch each and every bit of this. If you were my close friend or someone close you must have noticed how my life has been changed amazingly. The change is in the subconscious mind, and it is the root. The only reason behind this is Commitment. I am going to share the things I’ve learned in one year with you. If you liked, try implementing them, if you didn’t sorry about that. If you want I can help you wherever possible, just feel free to contact me.

Something Cool With 1 Year of Experience With KipSmiling

If you want to be successful in any prospect of your like, you need to follow this formula.




These are the three things you will need to reach that goal in your life. Don’t overlook your failure or criticize your problems. There is no successful personality without being failed.

If you have to be Successful in your life, just double your failure rate. 

Success = n * failure 

If you are not strong enough to eat your failure. If you are not strong to handle your fear, you are not going to move ahead until you decide to change yourself. In this journey, I have faced too many problems and too many losses. But, my problems aren’t bigger than myself. I faced them and eventually, they got solved. (They were not problems, they were opportunities to learn more and more…)

If you are wishing to be successful without any shot of failure or loss. Damn, ALL THE BEST.

If you haven’t started yet and thought that, you will start and will start moving forward. You CAN’T. You need to fail. else no way. Anyways, let me share with you some stupid but important things I have learned in the past 1 year.

One Year Of Experience In Blogging

The first step is to TRY

I could not have been writing this article if I haven’t started this out. I must be somewhere chilling with my friend or would have been watching a movie. I don’t this that, it could have been possible if I haven’t started then. I could not have been independent if I haven’t started then. The best thing I did is I started blogging without procrastinating. If you are willing to achieve it you need to enter the market, then only you are going to be started. You just can’t decide without trying.

You may fail at that even if you have started it full of energy due to a lack of knowledge. What you have to do is to NEVER GIVE UP. Again, Commitment, Dedication, and Failure. Stick to those things and you will find the treasure within yourself.


Your main intention should be “I have to learn”

If you are looking to enter into this, your intention should be to learn not to Earn. First, learn then remove L and earn. That’s what I did. I started this blog just to have something cool and to show others and try implementing things that I’ve learned on this. I started. I was consistent from the start. That gave me great results. Then I move up and started exploring this blogging network to learn other things. I explored, I met new peoples. Learned new things and much more.


It’s beyond imagination

If you think that particular thing is just about a simple domain and hosting that’s it. You are wrong. Each and every subject has vast topics rooted in it. There is a huge library of knowledge within itself. It’s just too vast. And you can’t cover the whole. Even when I started I thought Domain, Hosting, and content that’s the thing. No, it’s not all about these three. You have to learn Digital Marketing, You have to be expert in the topic you have chosen, you have to analyze your reports, you have to scale yourself in the market, you have to advertise, you have to optimize, and much more… This list will never end. There are too many things inside a single thing Blogging, you should have Learning Desire to acquire all those knowledge treasure.

You just don’t know what things are there. And yeah, blogging is updating topic it changed every single day, you have to stay updated with it. You have to dig deeper inside possible. The more you learn, the more you will earn.

Things are as it is if you know it, and things are as it is if you don’t know it. 

It’s your choice, you want to know or not. 🙂


Uniqueness is King

Good has three degrees as Good, Better and Best. But, for unique, it can’t be Unique, Unique, and Uniquest. Cause Unique is in itself Unique. If you are doing Good you can make it better and the best. If you are doing something unique, you don’t have to do rest. You are far ahead than BEST. You are running into your own race. Don’t run into the rat race that everyone is running.

Don’t Compete With Othere, Make Othere Compete With You. 

If you are competing for others you may be insulting yourself. You don’t need anyone to compete with, You have to complete yourself. You have to be better than yesterday. However, it is, Whatever it is just starting to improve. Don’t measure small or large, just improve yourself.


Be Little Greedy

For many of us, we have raised thinking of greed as bad. Everyone says,” Greedy people are bad people”. But if you have to be successful you will have to be a little greedy. Else, you will end up being a nice person who is used to help others without anything. Umm… Take this point on your own, ask yourself that, ” is it possible without little greed to move ahead?” If yeah, be a nice person and don’t be greedy.

Be little Greedy, it’s the best dose for success.

But remember guilt is always worst than greed. Without that little greed, the desire to have something better, progress is not made. Our world progresses because we all desire a better life. New inventions are made because we desire something better.


Be ready for the loss

I have to do something cool and extraordinary, you have to face many challenges and have to take risks. You need to be ready for the loss and have to be strong enough to handle the worst situations. If you don’t have to do any extraordinary thing and have to live a normal life, you can play safely. It’s your choice.

If you are ready to move ahead, you have to treat yourself for the worst. You have to understand that the more you fail the more you are making yourself strong. Also said before, Double your failure rate to power your success rate. 

Wish For The Best, and Prepare for the Worst. 

It’s not just about failing, it is all about how you are analyzing your failure. You have to analyze it and have to move forward. You have to fix it and try it out again.

Sum Up!

For now, let me stop, I will be updating this article later cause I have to tell you many things. Above mentioned are not even 30% of them all. If you are really interested in this you have to bookmark this and have to check it again. You will find something really amazing later.

I am also going to share my whole journey with you. What did I do? How I won how I failed? And much more interesting. Umm… I am also helping others to grow them in Online Money Making. If you have to be one you can check this out Suraj Kadam here (Yet to be updated). I will be giving some really cool stuff there like premium courses, giveaways, tips and tricks related to blogging and much more exciting. 

As 1 Year has been completed successfully, I’ve decided to make this too large. I have to expand KipSmiling on a large scale. I’ve to expand it to more peoples who are in need. Wait and Watch, KipSmiling is Expanding. Stay updated for more. You are the part of this success, though you have to stay connected with me. Let’s make it large together. Let’s unite.

Also, I am starting a Broadcasting service on WhatsApp where you will get some broadcast message service on WhatsApp. Where I will be sending you some cool updates and tips on daily basis. If you want to be the parts of that broadcast simply fill this form here, and I will be updating you within next 24 Hrs. I will be also adding you to my secret Facebook group where you will find an answer to each and every question by experts.