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If you are someone who really thinks about how people, world, and emotions are then you would have already told yourselves few things such as.

  • overthinking is nothing but something which you are over estimating some of the outputs which are less likely to happen
  • suicide is not at all an easy thing to try, that takes a lot of courage and that’s insanely hard
  • there is no such thing as depression, it is just someone lost theirself and not trying to help themselves
  • and many more such thing.

You got the idea.

but the thing is, when those things fall on yourself. You can’t even help yourself.

You do know and understand those things and yet somehow just try to not accept it.

If you really think about overthinking, you know the solution is to calm your mind and start focusing on few things and clear out the clusters in your mind.

you know it.

And yet!

You won’t go for it.

Most of the times, in such phases, people make the hard times, or even pain as their comfort zone.

It is easy to say, I am not able to do few things because I am sad. Because I am mentally down. Because I am not in a correct mindset.

That’s true.

We are sad, mentally down, and not even in a right mindset.

but after all, it is also a fact that we are in a comfort zone of that pain itself.

TBH, it is much easy for me to stare at my dearest person’s chat’s or wait for them to come online and just blame that person or situation or anything. I can blame and say that, I have been waiting since how long I know and what I am getting.

Is that the right thing to do?

Probably, NOT.

but, it is much easier for me to do that instead of just forgetting that thing and focusing on something which will mean something for my time and maybe even for us.

I know this.

but the things which is overpowering this is – the FEAR.

Which is the root cause of all this overthinking.



  • we are afraid of accepting the reality
  • we are not confident in ourselves
  • we are looking for validation from another person
  • we are not thinking about ourselves and yet thinking about ourselves
  • we are not ready for some of the outcomes
  • we are thinking about the things which are not in our control

many reasons

but the root is same. FEAR!


Maybe, ACCEPT the situation.