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Passive Induction

  • Learn new things and learn FAST (Environment who cared about the ideas)
  • Growth = Change
  • If you think you are X, you will miss out on exploring the Y inside you
  • You are neither an X nor Y. You are a random composite of permutation and combinations. ALLOW YOURSELF TO EXPLORE.
  • Watch your monkey mind tell you to never change because its safe. Stare at it and change when the honest calling comes.
  • So much of the human effort of learning is centered around the conscious attentive process of learning that you forget the most primitive tools of learning are not intellectual at all. (A child learns more from being in school and watching his teachers and peers than the sum total of all math equations he or she solves in the entire school career.)
  • ANSWER: (PASSIVE INDUCTION) Environment design on information level – choosing your company in the digital world
  • Idea is to passively induce yourself with a different elements of learning something.
  • Majority of our actions are automatic and programmed below awareness.
  • We put so much thought and action into what we eat or watch but not what we scroll past. But it is in that 3-4 second scroll that we barely remember that we end up teaching ourselves a more portent form of the behavior.
  • (People live in their subconscious belief, forever. But they stop to ask where they could begin breaking out. The door is right in front of you. Put thought and intention into whatever you do.)
  • Following someone on social media is like giving them a seat at your mind’s dinner table. Be careful of who you invite because they will affect you. When you will be done, change the set you follow.