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Being A People Pleaser

People Pleaser

Is it nice to be a people pleaser?

If it is, then is it easy to be a people pleaser?

Here is my experience with the same. I want to answer in one sentence then, “When you try to become a people pleaser, more you start to be the exact opposite.”

I have been through both sides. Being the one and observing others being one.

What’s the catch? Why you become exact opposite when you don’t want to be?

The reason might be because of the numbers.

When you start becoming a people pleaser, more people start to expect something from you. They tell about it to everyone. Others start expecting from you as well.

When the number increases, all you do is, say yes to most of those. At one time, you realize that you are not looking at your own things which are falling in the first place.

Even others can’t see those falling place because you haven’t shown them yet.

Later on, you will get the reason to not pick the calls and reply to those messages. You will get the reason to say that you are busy.

The best thing is, they will believe it. They will surely believe that you are seriously busy with something and that’s how their expectations increases in the near future.

Compound Interest is almost everywhere. You will soon see it in the people-pleasing as well.

The solution?

Take a time, talk to yourself. Fuck everything else OFF!