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I don’t know

that’s how the last couple of days (or weeks) have gone by.

I don’t know where it is heading, where it is going on. I am thinking about taking it back on track, but the moment I stop thinking about putting it on track, I am doing something that is NOT necessary at all. The worst part is this is becoming the CYCLE.


Do I want it?


Then, why not do anything about it? TBH, I am thinking about trying to do something about it. but it doesn’t work sometimes.

but the best part is, finally I am writing something which was one of the part where I thought I’d do it if I have to gain it back.

Reading, writing it out, solo traveling, walking in nature without phone, random travel to random place, that’s something which comes in my mind when I have to pull myself back in the zone when I am lost.

Gladly, at least I am doing one of it. Hopefully, will cover it back up again.

Anyways, now finally very good version of SubtitleO is out there with a lot of improvements, with a lot of new templates, and good things. For exactly that thing itself, I have to pull myself up and strategize something in order to go up there.


I know, what I need. I need a group of people who is into such things, who would talk about what should be the MINDSET while running a startup, how it should be while things are falling down, how it should be when you got nothing else to do. There are so many videos on the youtube and on internet related to same.

But seeking it and seeing it IRL and in front of you is always different.

Ahhh! I think i just …


It might be a lil crazy to read this out, but something just hit my mind and it’s good! It’s something that I would help me think CLEARLY.


So, subtitleo things are getting up again and would be super well very soon. After that, I have to manage few people and have to try out few things which would make me better at many things such as CLIENTS.

Yeah, I am getting more than enough clients for myself and this time, I would want myself to PUSH a little more and get into this.