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Seek out for sunrays

When I used to go out in sun for even half hour or so, I used to get get headache almost all the times. (97% times for sure)

I was so sick of that, I did not wanted to go out most of the time.

I got to know about this from one of my friend that it is because I was not used to that. That’s why, my body was not able to tolerate going out in sun for even 15 mins.

There is a simple solution to this.

All I did was, I started going out in sun every morning for 5-10 mins.

That’s it. After 10-12 days, I went out in hot sun and noticed that I am not having headache anymore.

There are so many things behind this.

Yet the core part is, see out for sunrays. Go out in the sun often daily. There are so many other benefits of vitamins and what not are there as well.