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Stories are the same from different perspective even if it is different

Only Persepctive

Dear Suraj,

Today, I stumbled upon a realization that left me feeling both shocked and curious. It’s incredible how much our perception shapes the world we live in. Everything we see, everything we experience is filtered through the lens of our own perspective. But what happens when we step outside of that narrow viewpoint? What happens when we dare to see things from both sides?

In my journey of self-discovery, self-blaming, self-doubts, and self-talking, I have had the privilege of witnessing life from different angles. It was a transformative experience that unfolded a truth I had long ignored – that mistakes, those seemingly insane blunders that haunt our thoughts, are nothing more than horror shadows cast upon the story of our existence.

We carry these mistakes within us, imprisoning them in the blocks of our brain cells, endlessly replaying them like a broken record. But why? Why do we burden ourselves with the weight of these life errors? The answer, dear suraj, lies in our inability to recognize their importance.

From the view point of the other side, those very same mistakes appear as mere whispers in the wind, hardly worthy of notice. They fade into the background, overshadowed by the grand view of life. There, we come to understand that our perceived failings hold no power over us unless we grant it to them.

But how do we embrace this newfound wisdom? How do we navigate the complexities of human relationships and forge connections beyond the realm of mistakes? It all boils down to empathy, suraj, the ability to step into another’s shoes and view the world through their eyes.

When we extend a hand of understanding, when we strive to see the world as others do, we uncover many perspectives. Each one is unique, a bunch of emotions, beliefs, and experiences. And it is within this rich feeling and depth that true connection lies.

In the end, what truly matters is not the mistakes we have made or the missteps we may yet take. No, what truly matters is how we choose to embrace one another, flaws and all. It is in the delicate dance of compassion and forgiveness that we find the strength to transcend the limitations of our individual perspectives and truly connect.

I wish that I might get to find the courage to see beyond my and our own mistakes and embrace the beauty of the human experience.