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Teenage – The Age To Shape Our Lives


What’s your age right now? Are you 22+? If yes, what you were doing in your Teenage? Most peoples will say, “I was in College studying Blah Blah Blah.” You might be enjoying with your friends, bunked classes, roamed outside the town, and the best thing about Teenage- parties. Yeah, how can we miss the party? We always used to find some reason to have a party. A birthday party, break-up party, patch-up party, anniversary party, and the list goes on.
You might have seen that WhatsApp message (emotional message on life/ how life changes after school/college). We always hear that Childhood and teenagers are the age full of enjoyment and fun. These are the most precious moments of our life.


If yes, then why we have to face that Board Exams of 10th or 12th? Why we have to prepare for hard exams like MPSC/UPSC? Everyone around us says,” You have to focus on your studies these 2-3 years then after you are free.” HELLO! Are these precious moments?


Are you in some Hookah Shop outside the town with your friends are enjoying that moment? Have you gone for Night-rides or Night-outs? Trending one- Are you FaceBook king? Most Important one- DO YOU HAVE A GF/BF?
If your answer is yes to all the above Questions, Boss you are going to face the most difficult situations in your life ahead. You have to make changes. You have to change your system setup. ALL THE BEST!

Is this teenage? Is this enjoyment? Are these precious moments?
Nope, this is not true life.

Our life sequence is School >> College >> Graduation/ Degree >> Job >> Marriage >> Feed The Family >> Child’s Life >> Last days on chair.

If you asked me, “What I am doing in my teenage.”

This not needs much explanation. Because currently, you are reading an article written by Me(Teen). Huh, this may not be a great thing, but it’s always better to have something rather than nothing. So it’s okay with me. I’m growing day by day by learning new things. Let it be. The best thing I think about me is I’m not addicted to any of the things you can imagine after hearing this word ADDICTION.  Even not social media addicted. There are too many things to learn about using social media. There are too many things to learn about using social media. That’s the reason I am online there. 

For What Teenage Is

Now this Main Question comes in our mind that, ‘For what Teenage is?’

Respected A.P.J. Abdul Kalam sir always used to say, “Kids are the Future of Our India.”

They have not said this word by thinking of the age group and all. Kids – whenever we hear this word a pretty awesome picture of smiling kids comes in our mind. Kids with innocent faces and a symbol of no stress. Yeah, they have the ability to do anything for joy without thinking of what problems he will face to reach out there. His parents are always there to support him likewise you have the bunch of peoples to help you to wake you up, to make you stronger, to push you ahead, to lead you towards success. All you have to do is, you have to Take An ACTION. A perfect action without fear of problems and failure.
You have to keep going until you reach the door of success.

But, you have to think about your future now. You can’t be average as everyone is. You have to plan your future.
Just listen if you don’t have time to think about these things right now, don’t make the situation in your life which will force you to search for the job to manage your expenses.


If you are a rich kid born into a rich family, then you don’t have to worry about anything. Your parents or Descendant had taken some action in their era to make you rich kid. You don’t have to worry if you are okay to live on their money or fame. You don’t have to worry if you are satisfied with this. But you have to worry if you want your son, grandson…. to be the rich kid.

What You Have To Do…

You are a teen. You have lots of time to think, to enjoy. Just remember “Only Teenage is not full of happiness, but your whole life is full of happiness. If you made it.”
You have to think about your future. Have to do something new.
It’s always to do anything by yourself. There are a lot of things to do cause you are a TEEN.

Here is List of the things you can do

Read Books (Other than school books)
Hangout with family
Do crazy things
Make others Smile
Help Others
Learn New Things
Sing Songs
Play Sports
Talk to Old Peoples
Ask old ones to tell you some stories
Listen Music
Roam alone with Nature
Spend time without watch
Learn New Things

Meet your friend’s parents
Watch Movies
Bunk The Class
Chill Out with Friends
Play With Kids
Learn New Things
Talk about new Ideas with mates
Try to do something new
Make good friends
Try to make own food
Learn New Things
Try to make your mom happy
Talk with your Teachers
Make you own JOURNAL
Learn New Things
Avoid Addiction
Avoid Late Night Parties
Stop Wasting Time
Stop Being Boring
Don’t be Disrespected
Learn New Things
Watch TEDx Talks
Listen Podcasts
Share this and help your mates
Support Me

(Actually, this list is helpful to everyone)

I’ve written LEARN NEW THINGS many times on this list. Yep, cause it is most important. It improves our experience. Your work out and gives you lessons.
So even there are too many new things you can learn. GO FOR IT.

And it will be very interesting for you. So Show Your Support.

Hope you liked this.