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8 Things I’ve Learned In My College Tech Fest You Must Know


Things I’ve Learned In My College Tech Fest

As this title represents this article is based on my own experience of this month. December, one of the most joyful month of the year. Woah yeah people used to say, ‘This is the last chance to enjoy this year.’ Everyone is planning parties and functions. Even I was busy with our college tech fest, though this article is all about things I’ve Learned In My College Tech Fest. Yeah, being in touch with many friends, teachers and other mates in our department we had a lot of moments together. I just thought some of them might help you understand some aspects of life.

This whole article is only based on my experience In My College Tech Fest. There might have some wrong conclusions in these articles. Cause, I CAN BE WRONG. If you found any, do let me know. It will be very helpful to me.

Something about Tech Fest!

Let me introduce you to our Tech Fest event before dipping into these lessons. Tech Fest was the Event organized by our (Computer Science) Department. With the theme as Algo-Rhythm which describes unity. Algo-Rhythm (All Go With Rhythm). Our department of the college is special knows for the Unity of our department. And that’s what I saw in the last days. Oops! So, Tech Fest was the Technical Event organized by our department in which we had organized many fun games, Gaming (LAN), Treasure Hunt, Bollywood Chaska and much more (I just can’t map the whole list here). In which anyone could participate in other departments or college.
This event for us was one of the most precious things to learn new aspects of marketing, managing, organizing, self-improving, and much more. Thus, this event has thought me some things you must know. Without further ado let’s jump towards our topic.

Here are the things I’ve learned

1. Unity is Always Greater

Yeah! I had touched this point in introductions too. Because for making our event brighter and laazawaab the only thing helped us was UNITY. You might have heard lots of stories on the power of unity. But, I’ve seen that power and felt it. And yeah it not only works, but it also ROCKS. No, any big problem can deal with you if you have unity. You can divert the flow of your own way by only your own mind with unity. In short, you can do ANYTHING with the help of unity. I meant anything. Yeah! Even if you don’t the bit of something, YOU CAN.

2. Action Speaks Louder Than Words

If you are good at something or you can do something perfectly, there is no need to tell them, JUST SHOW THEM. Really! Actions always speak louder than words. You must have to be a man of action if you have to be fittest in the environment. Sometimes your words won’t reach everywhere even of your voice is too loud. But, if you have the stamped sticker of your actions you will not even need to shout out loud. Only because, you are the man of ACTION. Words can Make you or Break you, but actions can show you.

3. Misunderstanding Happens

Wherever you will go, or even in your relationships or business deals misunderstanding may happen. Misunderstanding is one of the most dangerous enemies of human emotions. You must have heard lots of break up stories of relationship cause of misunderstanding or many family breaking stories in movies or even in REAL LIFE. This can lead you to fall apart. But the only solution over this is to understand the situation calmly and to work on overcoming it. Though don’t let misunderstandings happen and even if did happen to try to figure it out and get out of it ASAP.

4. Sometimes Things won’t work as planned

Even if you have a great co-operative team for organization sometime some things won’t work as you have planned. While planning you can’t control the output of the things. Yeah! You can’t. What you can control is INPUT. You can make everything perfect and can give your own best to the plan you are working on. You can’t control the whole system as you wish to just have a focus on what you can control and make it perfect. And most importantly, even if some work won’t work as planned have the energy to grab that situation and rearrange it n forward direction.

5. Share your Happiness

Sharing happiness will always multiply your happiness by anytime. Cause, ASLI MAJA SABKE SATH AATA HAI! Some miser peoples used to enjoy privately with their own zone. They are missing a lot of things and wasting too many laughs (More than they can believe). If you have something to be happy with, others have something to make it happier than before. Yeah! I’ve enjoyed those happy moments with everyone. You must also have had. Remind it again and spread the happiness all over make it more beautiful and amazingly full of awesomeness overload. Share what you want, you’ll get that in doubles.

Be the change you are willing to be.

6. Trust your Mate

If you are working together, you have to go ahead together. Be the team of belief, trust, and energy. Inspire each other not compete with each other. Believe each other not doubt each other. Be one team and not one member. Be united. The more you trust each other, the more you’ll get attached to each other. Be in the coordination with the Team. Trust is the base for your unity. You could not make better unity without trust. You can dare to face any fear if you have trust in your team and yourself.

7. Discipline will always be Respected

(According to me!) Whenever we hear this word DISCIPLINE, the statue-like standing image of the man in the well-dressed man in uniform walking in an ordered way comes to our mind. But the real discipline is always hidden inside our hearts. Respecting others, the way of talking with others, thinking about others, etc. is the way of proper discipline. If you are truly respecting others there is no need to show them. If you think you are accepting other orders and working for them and saying you are disciplined. Boss! It’s not disciplined it’s your WORK.
DISCIPLINE is understanding others orders, mixing them with your opinions, being polite with that, and working on it. If you’re disciplined you will always be respected. Everywhere and by everyone. Though be disciplined, it’s not that tough.

8. Be Flexible

As mentioned above sometimes things won’t work as planned though you’ll need to take over every situation. You have to be flexible to handle every situation you will face ahead. You have to work for the best and have to be ready for the worst. Sometimes the situation may go as anyone could not even imagine though be always ready for the change. And truly, you can see your own strength in these situations. And also if things worked as you’ve planned it might not be that many adventures and interesting. So be flexible and active all the time. Be energetic and keep on going and going together forever united.

That’s it for now! I will update this article again once got some idea. Do visit again to read the updated version of this. If you think there is something which should not have to be here within, do let me know. It will be helpful for me and other readers too. Also if you liked this article to share this article with your mates’, because more you’ll share more you’ll get. Remember the 5th point of this article.