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those are not the reasons but excuses

those are not the reasons but excuses

two years back when i was kind of into a very bad phase of my life emotionally a lot of work got messed up and work things turned out to be very bad

for a very long time i was convincing myself that those things that happened emotionally were the reason behind all the work stuff going down

but now when i actually think about the current phase of my life where comparatively most of the things are very good yet the work things are or can be fall down easily now

now that i am really thinking about it

now i know that those events happened two year back were nothing at all causing the work fall

it was my decisions that made it happen

it was my laziness and my will to put all load onto those events and not carry it myself

it was me who was the reason

if that is not the truth then i would not have been dealing with same things even now when most of the things are quite better than good

excuses yes

reason no