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Trust is the things that many people take as granted and put the things there in front of others to let them believe in certain things.

Trust is a very sensitive emotional feeling which is one of the most effective in everyone life. It is something that can just change the lives upside down of the people around that person.

It is hard because BEING HONEST IS HARD!

There are people who will understand the other person even if he has done the world’s biggest crime.

There are people who will accept that even if they have got hurt by themselves.

There are people.

But it is hard for some people to be honest with themselves. They can’t even be honest with the other person, so they lie to themselves and they lie to their loved ones as well.

The people think that one day they will be forgiven by their loved ones after they make up for all the mistakes they have done, but there are times that everyone is not meant to forgive. And sometimes forgiving doesn’t mean anything anymore.

It is because no matter what you do, nothing will change the fact of what has happened, and it can never ever come back to before. It’s like an empty promise.

Once trust is broken, everything falls apart. Everything falls apart even if you try your best to mend it; something will still feel off about it. You can put some pieces together but some pieces might keep falling off again and again until finally there are no more pieces left for you to pick up on the floor – because the pieces are gone.

There is a reason why people think twice before trusting someone or something because there is always a possibility that what you see might not be what you get. There is a possibility that things won’t go as planned and it will just end up to nowhere.

People can say that they have forgiven but in reality, every time someone thinks of doing the same thing again their trust will feel different towards that person. It doesn’t matter how much you try to change yourself for them, if they don’t believe you their trust towards the other person will never change as well even though after all those changes happen because sometimes work may change but feelings don’t.

It’s hard because BEING HONEST IS HARD!

So why bother forcing yourself to be honest with people who won’t believe you? Why waste your time and effort trying to mend the broken trust when it will just keep on breaking again and again?

It’s better to just leave that person behind. It is better for both parties if they do so because no one deserves to be betrayed. No one deserves all of those mental breakdowns. No one deserves all of those sleepless nights. No one deserves all of those false hopes after being told lies after lies.

Just let go, but make sure you are ready before you let go or else there might not be a chance for you to come back anymore – because the pieces are gone.

LOVE, on the other hand, is when you can trust someone so much that you are willing to give them your all and nothing less. It is when you know where the other person is and what he or she did and still love him or her unconditionally because you know that person really well and the fact of loving them keeps on growing every single day even though it may be a mistake, having faith in who they are will make things different.