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We make mistakes when we forget the basics

I have honed my skills at many different things, yet I often make mistakes in most of them. When I look back on those things, I wonder how I could make such silly mistakes like those?

Those silly mistakes have cost me a lot, and I have lost various opportunities due to the same.

I get frustrated more when I make silly mistakes than some bigger ones because you don’t expect some lame mistakes from yourself.

When I go back to correct those mistakes, it is all about correcting the almost subconscious and very basic things. The thing that costs me is TIME. It takes a lot of my time when I have to go back and correct my mistakes. That loses track of your current work and makes up the mess.

Those tiny things cost A LOT.

STICK TO THE BASIC and stay in your focused state when you are doing something important. I am telling myself now, and that’s exactly what is needed.

BASICS! They may be simple, but they are the SUPER BASE of everything else that you do in your work.