We make mistakes when we forget the basics

I have honed my skills at many different things, yet I often make mistakes in most of them. When I look back on those things, I wonder how I could make such silly mistakes like those?

Those silly mistakes have cost me a lot, and I have lost various opportunities due to the same.

I get frustrated more when I make silly mistakes than some bigger ones because you don’t expect some lame mistakes from yourself.

When I go back to correct those mistakes, it is all about correcting the almost subconscious and very basic things. The thing that costs me is TIME. It takes a lot of my time when I have to go back and correct my mistakes. That loses track of your current work and makes up the mess.

Those tiny things cost A LOT.

STICK TO THE BASIC and stay in your focused state when you are doing something important. I am telling myself now, and that’s exactly what is needed.

BASICS! They may be simple, but they are the SUPER BASE of everything else that you do in your work.

Suraj Kadam

I do marketing and learning to code. Right now, I blog on some affiliate and SEO niches. Besides that, marketing and coding is something that I am putting my hands into. I will be impressed if you come to me with some interesting stuff related to space, history, AI and gaming. ­čśő

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