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Why Do We Fail To Reach Success Mark?

Fail To Reach Success Mark

This post is going to be totally based on all of my experiences and observations. There might have many wrong things in this post so do avoid them (IF ANY). In this, I am going to explain to you “WHY DO WE FAIL TO REACH SUCCESS MARK?

The reason I am going to tell you is what I have experienced by observing peoples around me. By all the things they are doing. Almost 7 out of 10 that is 70% of all peoples are failing because of that secret and simple reason. I am going to tell you RIGHT NOW.

Umm… So before starting, I request you to think about this and let me know your thought in the comment box below. May this will help you or may not. May this help your friends, so do hit the share button at the end.

Now let’s move to our tragical topic.

Why do we fail to reach the success mark?

How we start taking the first step towards success??

Here is the big deal of that secret I am going to reveal. The startup of every failure starts with the aim to achieve success by looking at others’ success. Yes, if someone came to us shows her success we get inspired and as every inspired soul (IF HE/SHE CAN THEN WHY I CAN’T) gets up.
That’s where we fail. Our success story is based on our vision. On our WHY.

Success is not all about
It’s all about
-Suraj Kadam

and here your why is, “He succeeded by doing this”
Boss don’t compare yourself with others.
make your vision clear.

Why Do We Fail To Reach Success Mark?

Why Do We Fail To Reach Success Mark?

What do we do?

I have seen that many peoples used to ask me to teach them something so that they can move their first step ahead. All this just because of the OUTPUT they are seeing. Life is not only about the OUTPUT. It’s actually nothing even a bit about OUTPUT it’s all about INPUT you have taken to make it happen. Don’t argue with this. Almost everyone deals with the same kinda behavior. You don’t have to follow others, you don’t have to step on their way. You have to find your own path.

What to do?

You need some perfect reason to find your own path. So stop following others. Stop doing what others are doing. Ask yourself what you can do better than any other person around you. If you did this and entered the race then you will come to know that you are far behind. There are countless competitors. They are ahead of now. Now you have to be in the race.
Here’s how to win that race…

“Don’t compete with others,
make others compete with you.”

Now, you are in the race…

You’re done! You will fail here. You will fall down, but you will learn too many things here. And that’s what you need. You need to drink each and every sip possible of knowledge. It will blow up your mind. Will crack all the limits of the existence of ideas in your mind and will show you some premium ways to move ahead.
That’s how life is.

For now, that’s it. If I missed something important here. Do let me know, I will add it here with your credit. If you have to tell anything regarding this comment box is open. Drop your “WHAT’S IN YOUR MIND?” there. 🙂