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Why Path To Success Is Alone?

Why Path To Success Is Alone?

You might have heard this statement which you just read in the headline in some of the interviews or quotes. Have you ever given the thought about this?

The very first that comes after reading this is because it is SUPER HARD.

That’s where your mind blocks you. We the humans, actually tech addict modern human have changed out paths so drastically and are just making things easier for ourselves. That is what we call updation. That is why most of us are living in the subconscious minds. We are even tired of giving a thought about something and just spend some of your brain’s energy to think.

We have stopped making common sense. Common sense is being very doubtful nowadays. People are not accepting simple things or talks easily. Actually, their subconscious mind is not letting them accept it.

This is because whatever you have fed to your mind. All you are feeding it is toxicity from the news or the fakeness from the social media.

Give it a thought!

Why the path to success is alone? Is it because it is hard?

Let me share some of my thoughts on this.

The reason why the path to success is alone is that people don’t want to be successful.

Wait for a second. Stop thinking whatever you are thinking in your mind. You might say, everyone wants to become successful, who doesn’t want to.

But if you look at this from some different perspectives you will realize that people really don’t want to be successful.

You have already been shown the image of what you get after being successful and how you feel it.

No one has shown how they have become successful. I know there are so many interviews and talks where successful people have talked about their journey and told how they have achieved it.

That is all true. NO ONE! Literally no one in the history of the world has become self-made successful without the struggle.

Everyone has got their eyes on what they have got after being successful. People are seeing all those cars and luxury they are getting.

People want that.

That is the reason why you will see a 14-year-old kid wearing first copy Adidas and flexing it by posting that picture on Instagram.

Even you are doing it. EVERYONE is doing this.

You want those elements. You are not that open to see HOW YOU CAN GET IT!

There is a lot of stuff to tell about this. I might update this article later with good explained points. You can check it out later.

Right now! I really don’t have to put all those things into words here (one of the reason is very less audience is going to read this)

I might have written much in-depth but let’s see.

Anyways, let me finish the above points of this topic.

I hope you have got my point, people don’t want to be successful. If you don’t believe it. Go observe people around you, ask them questions about life and analyze it.

That is the reason why the path to success is alone. Dude! Even solo rides are great if you know how to enjoy it.

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