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Entrepreneur Inside Me

Suraj Kadam - Manali - March 2023

12th March is the day when I got this hit and have decided to start this new journey.

It’s just a few days back when I was traveling – I got shocking updates from my client, which I was not expecting, especially not at that moment.

The moment when I got that message, I was in the snow. Friends were enjoying themselves around me, and I was numb. I didn’t know what to react, what to say, what to feel.

I was just stunned. I didn’t know who to say and what to say.

I froze in my mind but not on the ice.

I became silent for a very long time after that and was thinking WHY and then WHAT NEXT!

Inside, I knew that it’s my own mistake.

But the way I got it, it was HARSH!

but I have to accept it.

It’s just 2 days back, I have got into this zone and have decide to go ALL IN with whatever I have in my mind.

I am going to for make it or break it.

But this is the VERY FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE, I have felt what it feels to be ENTREPRENEUR.

Until now, I was blogger, freelancer, agency owner, marketer, etc.

but for the first time, now I have become the entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur it nothing about the SITUATION at all.

This situation has not made me an entrepreneur, but the MINDSET that I am having right now is.

Now I know, what is takes to be an entrepreneur and what responsibilities you have to take. Doing all those things with an optimistic mindset in situations like I am currently in is the HARD PART and that’s what makes an entrepreneur.

If I see back, I can see that my journey is full of FAILURES, and that’s what I am made of.

There’s a sound that spoke in my mind yesterday which said to me, “Even your failure is greater than other people’s success.” and that hit me. I really am not being self-obsessed here, but that’s what goes inside the mind of a budding entrepreneur.

There is a lot of blurriness in the vision that I am seeing right now. I am not sure about the future things, but I have ray of hope in my head which is giving me the idea that – this can be the light that will take you outside and face everything in the world to a greater extent.

This feeling itself is an ENTREPRENEURSHIP and I am glad that I am living it.

To the future self,

I am proud of you! 😉