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Most of the time, we break people, and we don’t even know until something similar happens. And then we realize the depth of the scar we left on the other person. It is because we never intended to break the other person in the first place, but our ego puts us first and does it for us. The consequences? You have to face them.

In the process, you might break even yourself as well. Most of life is about finding the people you can trust and taking them all along in your life with you. And that’s why those things are bound to happen more than once.

There will always be those scars, wounds, bad memories, traumas, nightmares, marks, flaws, imperfections, injuries, damage, void, emptiness, and with it, every other emotion that makes you stop at that moment. No matter what you do, your lives will be full of those emotions and the happy ones you are trying to achieve.

Carry those marks with you and try not to sulk about them because it reminds you that you tried to do something. The other part, which says it didn’t work out, will haunt you, but once more, try to remind yourself of the first part you tried. And that’s the reason why you are a beautiful soul.