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There are times when you get emotionally down

You can be as strong as you want from the heart but there are times when you really needs to stop for some time and pause for a while.

If not, if you rush into the things and want to make the alright at the spot then you start making the situations even more messier.

You try to get back the control over yourself or over the situation that you are in so that you can feel normal back again. In the process, we force ourselves and that’s exactly where we are wrong.

There are times when you get emotionally down. Those are the times, most probably when your life takes turns. You make the big decisions and you learn and keep many things from the things happened.

I used to listen to things on new researches, psychology, philosophy, science, etc. when I was always in normal mood. When emotional setbacks happen, you try to look for the same feelings around yourself. You try to relate your situation to the songs, poems, stories, etc.

You become alone, but that’s what you fight for – to not be alone. You tell yourself that you WANT to be alone – but you become alone not be alone. You will always try to find out something out there which can feel or relate to your feelings.


This too shall pass.

P.S: Grammar mistakes are not intentionally corrected!